Jira/Confluence ID requests
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Requesting a new Jira/Confluence account

HL7 Jira/Confluence accounts are free and available to anyone (including non-members). By requesting an account, you are indicating that you understand and agree to abide by HL7's Acceptable Use Policy.

Accounts are only needed to create/update content. This account will be separate from your HL7 membership account, though the email addresses should be the same.. To submit ballot comments, you must sign up on the Ballot Desktop in addition to requesting an account. Users should only request multiple Jira/Confluence accounts if they will be balloting for multiple organizations or otherwise need accounts with different permissions. (Note this in your request if it applies to you.)

Please do NOT create a new account if your email address or name has changed or you've forgotten your user information - instead send an email to webmaster@hl7.org.

Submissions will be processed in 1-2 business days (to allow verifying you're a real human and checking for duplicate accounts). We may contact you by email if there are questions about your request. Once approved, you will receive an email asking you to set a password.

Enter your full name as "Firstname Lastname". Please use proper case, middle initials are optional.

The email address to use for messages related to this account

Username to use when logging in

Explain your need for a user account - what do you need to do? The more detail you provide, the more likely we'll believe you're a real human being... (If you include hyperlinks, we'll assume you're a spammer and auto-delete your request.)